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Start your own fundraising campaign! Ask your friends and family to join!!

Why not make your special events (birthday, wedding, Christmas, Hanukkah…) even more special by asking for donations to give to your fundraiser, and support a good cause?  You won't just be making your day special but a lot of people in needs day too!!

You have free time during the holiday months? GREAT! Why not help us by volunteering in one of the projects we are supporting?

If you have a company, give a small percentage of your product sales to support a great cause!

If you're sporty or have just been putting off running that marathon, why not raise funds to support our projects.


Helping people in need is an amazing way to spend your time; wouldn't you want to teach your children such values? Get them started young by doing something as simple as donating their unused toys, books, clothing or organizing a baking/lemonade sale.


Support the BitAfric Foundation with a one time donation. Volunteer work as well as initiatives of all kinds.


In-kind donations allow BitAfrique to direct more resources towards selected projects in the 15 countries.

We welcome pro-bono services like video/photography, medical, engineering, accounting, marketing and more.

Extend your reach and help our team get to the field by donating your un-used miles today.

Volunteer your time and visit us in the field to help with our M&E and reporting.

If there are any other services you believe you will be able to provide feel free to email us.